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You may have noticed some changes to this section of the website. To simplify things we have made one joint section for the league and cup. All details of both competitions are now in that section.

Blind Cricket in the United Kingdom

Blind Cricket in the UK is run by 3 organisations.
British Blind Sport: BBS run the Cup competition as well as doing a substantial amount of development work around the country.
Quarter Finals:
Blind Cricket England and Wales: BCEW run the 2008 league as well as managing the England team on behalf of the England and Wales Cricket Board.
England and Wales Cricket Board: ECB do not directly run any competitions, but they fund the England team and oversee all cricketing structures within the UK. heECB runs 5 reginal disability cricket boards, a central disability management committee and has a full time disability cricket manager who is Ian Martin.
A number of other organisations do have a role in blind cricket, The Primary club provide funding for the cup, the clubs and development work, LCCA and Action for blind people do development work and other more local organisations also play their part too.
To get in contact about anything to do with blind cricket in the UK please visit our Contact Section or for anything to do with the England blind cricket team please visit our International Section.

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