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Welcome and thanks for visiting our Sponsors page.

Blind cricket in the UK receives no government funding and doesn't have a major sponsor so we are always looking for sponsorship and donations to aid us in the provision of cricketing opportunities for blind and partially sighted adults and children. We work with men and women, boys and girls, an age range from 8 to 80 and all ethnicities and races as well as people of any religion.

We are, of course, indebted to the Primary Club who sponsor our Cup competition as well as providing some of the funds required by our club sides to function. We should also thank Nemesys who are the sponsors of the 2008 league competition.

We still need more funding every year as do our club sides and blind cricket is lucky enough to have some regular donors who make a big difference.

So if you would like to consider sponsoring or donating too blind cricket please get in touch and you could enjoy seeing your money helping in a way you can see in your local area.

So if you would be interested in sponsoring any area of blind cricket or making a donation please contact this website's editor David Gavrilovic,

David Gavrilovic
Phone: 07866 751646
Email: davidgavrilovic@yahoo.co.uk


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